Calling all guest bloggers!

Did you know that we host guest bloggers? If you’re doing awesome maker stuff but don’t have a blog to feature it on, never fear! Just contact us and we will happily share your program right here on the Maker Monday blog.

And, just for fun, a picture of my most recent maker program for littles:

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 6.24.44 PM


November 2015 Round-up

Wow, what a fall! Time has just flown by at my library, and I can’t believe it’s time for another round-up! Here are some of our favorite recent maker programs:

Maker Monday (2)

Got another good one to share? Share it in the comments, or submit it for a future round-up!

First up, Colleen Graves sent us her blog to follow all the great maker programs she does in her school. I love this soldering workshop!

For the littler ones, Carissa shares her recent program filled with pinching fingers!

Over on the ALSC blog, Abby shared an entire science playground! I can’t WAIT to try this one out.

Karen at TLT shared her thoughts on food maker programs for teens and now I want waffles. Or ice-cream. Or waffles topped with ice-cream.

Finally, I’ll share with you all a recent game design program that I did with my homeschoolers.

Happy making!

Welcome to Maker Monday! (+ September Round-up)


Welcome to the brand new Maker Monday blog! We are a round-up of library maker programs, and we are very excited to share new fun stuff the first Monday of every month. Up first, some great programs we’ve been eyeing lately:

Over at never shushed, Claudia shares a home-made tinker toy project that could be both an active program (make tinker toys!) and a stealth program (build something). As a bonus, kids and parents can think about making these at home!

This fall preschool lab from Tales from the Nerdy offers hands on for little kids.

Amy details pop-up programming that is great for busy summer.

This Meet the Art! program from Kendra looks like the funnest mess! (or the messiest fun?)

This self-directed maker program from Anne could include just about anything!

Bonus: We like to explore the fun projects on Babble Dabble Do!

Have you read about something great we missed? Or did you do a maker program? Send us the link! Our next round-up will be the first Monday in November.

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