What is Maker Monday?

Maker Monday Blog is a monthly round-up of making programs in libraries for kids of all ages. We post on the first Monday of every  month, and are always looking for suggestions! We will feature the great new programs we find each month in our round-up, and we also have a ton of great resources on our Pinterest boards!

We also love guest posts! Do you have a great maker program but no blog? We are happy to share your programs in guest posts and help spread the word. Just let us know!

What are maker programs?

We define* maker programs as any opportunity to create, explore, tinker, or learn a new skill (like those important 21st century skills). Making is painting and sewing and hammering and coding and building robots or bridges and stacking blocks and 3d printing and Legos and coloring and origami and video creation. It often includes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and process over product and open-ended questions. Sometimes it uses technology, often it doesn’t. We like collaborative making, where kids work and learn together or at the same table.

*We are not the experts. We just like to make stuff. Please, find another definition that you like better. Or better yet, don’t have a definition. We didn’t, until we wrote this page.

Who are we?

We are both youth services librarians who offer programming for kids of all ages. We love to explore, create, and make things (and read), and we are excited to share our making passions with the kids in our libraries.

Meg shares her library passions at Miss Meg’s Storytime, and you can find her musings on twitter from @itsmissmeg. She also wears mismatched socks.

Holly writes about her adventures at Let the Wild Rumpus Start and tweets from @hollystorckpost. She loves coffee, chocolate, and playing with legos.

We were acquaintances in library school, but bonded through social media over our love of all things library and Harry Potter. We also share slight a addiction to Instagram.


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