December 2015 Roundup

The last Maker Monday roundup of 2015…. On a Wednesday… in 2016!

Over the past few months we have discovered some really great blogs & ideas from librarians who are doing amazing maker programs in their libraries and are so excited to see what 2016 holds!

As an overview, this roundup is done by me, Meg at Miss Meg’s Storytime and Holly at Adventures of a Children’s Librarian.


And now, onto our December 2015 roundup:

We have probably all seen the really cool decorated book drops but Colleen Graves has taken it a step further with her Makey Makey Book Drop! Make sure your sound is on for this one. If you aren’t already subscribed to Colleen’s website you need to ASAP!

Library Laura did some experimenting on her own to create snow for her snowman themed program, “Snowmen for Everyone“.

The Library Makers were at it again with a great selection of maker programs that they blogged about in December, including a Magnets outreach program.

Kendra at Read, Sing, Play, blogged about her experience with the Crazy 8’s Math Club program.

Storytime Katie told us about her Building & Engineering themed storytime plan. I LOVE doing maker type programs in a storytime setting.

The kids were able to explore printmaking using Fruit & Vegetables in this “Early Elementary STEAM” program done by the Show Me Librarian.

And of course, our own Holly blogged about a super cool “Little Makers” program about Spirals! How fun!

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As always, if you would like to submit a program please do so here!

Check out information about being a guest blogger here!


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