October 2015 Roundup


Welcome back!  We are excited to share some more amazing Maker links with you that we’ve seen or been sent over the past month.  If you are featured here on the Maker Monday blog feel free to steal our button and add it to your post/page– link on the sidebar!

In celebration of all things Star Wars, The Show Me Librarian shared the amazing Sticky Note Mosaic Murals they had on display in the BOOMbox, which is an amazing sounding STEAM environment at the Skokie Public Library.

The S.M.ART KIDS at the Radnor Memorial Library used The Three Little Pigs, an Architectural Tale as inspiration to tinker and experiment with building a structure that could withstand the Big Bad Wolf.

Math & Legos join forces in this awesome building game blogged about at Library Makers, from the Madison Public Library. The best part of this, in my opinion, is that they give directions about playing the game at home!  They also blogged about apps that encourage STEM play last month. I could link to about 500 more things from Library Makers, so I suggest just reading their entire blog 🙂

Abby Johnson blogged on the ALSC blog about a leaf rubbing program she did.  This is a relatively simple program that requires very little supplies but can create endless conversations and questions.

In another fall themed program, Library Laura shared her Apple Taste Test & Stamping program. It appears as if the Pink Lady is the big winner here (although how could Macoun’s only get one vote!?).

Storytime Katie has been blogging about her Little Hands Art program for toddlers and all of the ideas are amazing and worth checking out.  My two favorites are Bubble Wrap Painting and Ball Painting.  These two projects provide so many different ways for little ones to explore and learn about the world around them.

I also have two links from Anne at So Tomorrow to share.  First, she blogs about the “All Types of Bears” rhyme found in the Artsy Toddler Storytimes book by Carol Garnett Hopkins.  I LOVE this rhyme because it goes beyond “brown bear, black bear” and teaches the little ones about more specific bears and what they look like and where they live.  I also am definitely going to be checking out the book by Hopkins now. Second, she blogs about how she made Art Bots in a program.  What makes this different than other blog posts I have seen about art bots is that she has a full list of everything she needed and how much everything cost.

And last, I have links from both Holly and I!

Holly blogged about her Circuitry program using the Makey Makey and Snap Circuits– with a lot of great pictures!

I highlighted an “Invention” themed storytime that really pushed me to think more deeply about the themes I am doing in storytime beyond the basics.

WOW! There were SO MANY amazing ideas that we saw this past month.  If you have any programs to submit for the November unit you can do so on our contact page.  Be on the look out for a post soon on how to be a guest blogger if you don’t have a blog of your own (or even if you do!).



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